Battlefield VS Firestorm Gameplay Trailer Launched


War zone Firestorm releases in 4 days and EA has at long last given us the main legitimate look on gameplay from the upcoming fight royale mode.

Have a look at the 3-minute trailer above, displaying the game’s explosive activity – including completely destructible situations, a colossal firestorm that crushes everything in its way and a terrific aggregate of 17 vehicles accessible at launch.

The gameplay looks ultimately great – obviously better than anticipated. We’re looking to get hands-on one week from now.

Solos and Squads will also be available at release, with Duos arriving in April. The game will include a stupendous aggregate of 64 players and each match should last around 18-24 minutes.

Battlefield V: Firestorm will be accessible to all developers of Battlefield V for completely free. There’s no word yet on how EA intends to monetise the mode. EA has likewise said the mode is “not allowed to-play free right now” – intriguing.


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