BIG FAT RUMOUR: Call of duty Warzone Battle Royale free version play to be launch this week with at least 200 players. Are the fans ready?


Before the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, rumours started waving that there would, actually, be a Battle Royale component to the game sooner or later post-dispatch. Modern Warfare’s ongoing Season 2 update recently affirmed that Battle Royale is in fact coming… however, it may be a lot of sooner than you might suspect.

The Season 2 introduction exhibits the arrival of a fan most loved character, Ghost, nearby numerous Battle Royale themed insights, for example, references to “the gas coming in”, close by an enormous scale battel, with characters leaping out of a plane and an approaching thunder of gas surrounding the fight. Moreover, the game’s fundamental menu features a fourth ‘Classified’ mode which is as of now bolted.

At this moment a new Call of Duty Battle Royale is everything except to be happening.  As per gossipy tidbits, the game may be coming sooner than you might imagine. Observant fans have discovered numerous spec operations intel documents inside the game have notices of March 3rd, 2020 – proposing a potential launch one week from now!

In few past days, Activision has been doing battle against leakers however with many confronting online takedowns and summons. Modern Warfare players have been dropped into training lobby for the forthcoming mode, posting recordings online of the bug. Besides this, many have dug into the game’s records to discover different references to associated Call with Duty Battle Royale mechanics.

Now, a Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode is one of the most exceedingly terrible kept insider facts in video games. It’s speculated the game may be called ‘Call of duty: Warzone’, and will be launched as a free update for existing Modern Warfare owners propelled as a full free game to play for all. There are some additional rumours that propose the mode may hit 200 players for each match.

It would appear that we won’t need to stand by long to discover. Fans accept the game could come as a surprise launch as right on time as 25th February, if these rumours are genuine we speculate third March is a significantly more likely up-and-comer given the in-game indications.


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