Fortnite Chapter 2 launches with ultimate new changes- Brand new map, weapons, mechanics, XP progression, improved graphics, and plenty more.


Fortnite’s major “The End” occasion occurred the previous night, taking with it the whole game. After a noteworthy arrangement of missiles, rifts, and superb enhancements, a gigantic black hole sucked up the whole game’s map and the world with it.
Following the event, players were blessed to receive a Black Hole screen nearby ambient music. More than 12 hours after the fact we’re still in almost the same situation, with no word from the developer of Epic Games on when the game will become playable again. Many fans anticipated that the fix should go live not long after the event and a phase of downtime, anyway myself and different individuals from the team conjectured an alternate result:
Fortnite has seen declining numbers all through 2019, with expanding rivalry competing for our consideration and time. While it’s genuinely regular given the game’s September 2017 unique launch date, developer Epic Games are obviously quick to recapture players back to the game.
Fortnite Season 11 otherwise known as Fortnite Chapter 2 will carry with it a pristine map– the first run through the game’s map has seen a total update since it propelled more than two years prior. We’re certain that Epic have other bigger changes arranged too, with this update, which is probably going to be one of the greatest game one has seen since launch.
As an outcome Epic has chosen to accomplish something else this time around. Our hypothesis is that Fortnite Chapter 2 will go live on Tuesday 15th October (at the most punctual!), leaving fans without access to the game for over 1.5 days. To add much more fuel to the fire, fans found that Tuesday 15th was referenced in the game’s site’s code, which has since been refreshed to reflect Thursday. It’s significant, Tuesdays consistently used to be a staple day in the week for Fortnite patches to go live (though not a guarantee). It’s an easy decision – Epic isn’t battling for money. Losing income from the game for a couple of days is minor, in contrast with the buzz online and mystery the event has made. Indeed, even outlets, for example, the BBC is covering the game’s event. Bring the game down for a couple of days, make buzz and prattle, all while tossing in a periodic bother on the game’s on-going Black Hole Livestream/in-game view to keep fans snared.
The outcome is a huge amount of online conversation and thunderings from players and media the same (blameworthy!). As the days pass by, fans will be much more energized than any other time in recent memory to observe what happens once the servers return online, nearby a fresh out of the box new section in Fortnite’s history.
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