Sony launched Dualsense- a new sensation to the PlayStation; PlayStation5 controller.


Late yesterday night Sony uncovered the spic and span controller for the PlayStation 5 – DualSense. The controller highlights haptic feedback, versatile triggers and an inherent mic-array.

While the pad plainly demonstrates a likeness to its DualShock cousins, the white and dark two-tone configuration offers a striking difference in the configuration that is more in accordance with the feel of the PS VR headset. An alludes to how the PlayStation 5 support may look, maybe?

The controller yet does highlight a 3.5mm sound jack for wired earphone use. Also, new features like adaptive triggers which can give tension based on in-game activities e.g feeling obstruction when passing through the mud or pulling back the drawstring on a bow. There’s additionally a built-in microphone array, to permit players to speak with their friends; despite the fact that we’re somewhat wary of the quality of a microphone on a controller that is probably going to get TV sound and button presses, ideally Sony will have made some brilliant clamour dropping.

The pad despite everything highlights the scandalous light bar, but more unpretentiously include the now bigger focal touchpad. It’ll include a built-in rechargeable battery and a USB-C port for charging.


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