Sony uncovers PlayStation 5 console design


Sony has at long last divulged the PlayStation 5 console family set to launch in the not so distant future. A striking takeoff from the last three ages of Sony’s  console design, the PlayStation 5 surely looks somewhat changed.

At launch, there’ll be two console SKUs accessible–the Digital Edition with no disc drive, close by the base system with an Ultra HD Blu-beam drive.

Sony didn’t uncover a launch or any price point for the two systems, we’ll, tragically, need to hang tight a little bit for that.

PlayStation Studios uncovered a scope of games, some showing up at release date with others hitting later including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales due out on PS5 this vacation, Gran Turismo 7, Insomniac’s noteworthy looking Ratch and Clank: Rift Apart and a follow up to the hit PS4 exclusive Horizon: Forbidden West.
If by chance, you missed the full feature you can watch it back underneath:


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